My name is Jane Silverman, and I love my work. I am a Certified Positive Psychology Coach offering coaching services to clients seeking to make positive changes in their lives, work, relationships, or well-being.

I have a Masters of Counseling Degree from The University of Pennsylvania and completed a four-year post-graduate program at the Westchester Institute for Training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.  While I service clients at my office in Westchester, New York, I also work with life coaching clients by phone and Skype.

After years in the counseling field, I became aware of the field of Positive Psychology. I was attracted to the Positive Psychology’s research-based approach and focus on practical, positive change. After significant study, I decided to adjust my sails and change the focus of my work. I now work entirely as a positive psychology life coach rather than a therapist, and I have seen first-hand the lasting results that people can achieve with the help of an experienced, caring guide using proven tools to help them make the changes they seek.

Many of my clients are facing challenging transitions, whether by choice or by circumstance. I have been through many of these transitions myself, and know that they can be both challenging and full of promise. It is a real privilege to work with clients as they seize those challenges to create the lives they want to live.

I work with clients in person at my office in Westchester County, NY, or by phone and Skype.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss how we might work together to help you clarify what you want, get unstuck, and make the positive changes you seek. I look forward to hearing from you.



Free Consultation

I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can talk about how we might approach a life coaching engagement designed to help you to flourish. I look forward to hearing from you.